Meine Mutter bestellt mir das Trikot nicht :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

Ehm .. das tut mir Leid, dann spar und kauf es dir selbst? :)

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when will you add next 'Football Meme'?

I have no idea tbh. I don’t know if you guys even noticed it, but I decided to take a tumblr break. I have no idea how long my pause will be, so.. yeah, I can’t exactly say when I will add a new part of the meme, sorry.

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Football Meme | favorite rivalry

FC Schalke 04

Football Meme | favorite manager

"Wir alle sind nach wie vor ein bisschen verliebt in diesen Verein und in die Art und Weise, wie die Dinge hier ablaufen" 

→ Jürgen Klopp

bist du sauer auf lewa

Er hat nie ein Geheimnis daraus gemacht, dass er wechseln will. Und mir war auch von Anfang an irgendwie klar, dass es die Bayern werden. Wenn er meint, dass das der richtige Schritt für ihn ist, dann soll er’s machen. Ich hab damit halt eigentlich schon seit Sommer abgeschlossen. Und find es viel interessanter, wen wir denn dann jetzt als Ersatz holen, oder ob wir das mit unserem vorhandenen Kader kompensieren.  :)

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Football Meme | your national team


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I wanted to take this moment not only to wish you happy holidays, but to thank all my followers for supporting me this year!

This is the list of those who make my dash so lovely every single day. If you’re not on this list, please don’t take it personal i’m maybe not following you long enough/don’t know your blog well enough. if you’re on this list but we didn’t talk much it’s simply because somehow i liked you very much! :)

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And Special thanks to these amazing human beings, thanks for your existance ♥

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I really can call myself a lucky person for having the opportunity to meet you guys here. I love y’all !i’ll stop now, otherwise writing about how great you are would take forever:)

Thank you :’)

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Since it is 2014 and my follower counter reached a number of 500 lovely souls, I’ve decided to make a follow forever. 

Thank you guys for making my dashboard a pretty place. I hope all of you will have an amazing year, full of success and joy. Each and every one of you is a beautiful person. Thank you for everything.

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PS I love you Bb.

Football Meme | your foreign team

→Liverpool FC

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Football Meme | your team

Borussia Dortmund

Football Meme | favorite footballer

→ Mats Hummels



1 Favorite footballer 2 Your team 3 Your foreign team 4 Your national team 5 Favorite manager 6 Favorite rivalry 7 Favorite nickname 8 Current crush 9 One captain 10 One otp 11 One brotp 12 One goalkeeper 13 Two midfielders 14 Three strikers 15 Four defenders

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"Lukasz has worked really hard and had struggled to get back on the pitch. He has shown character. There were moments when the diagnoses were not very good, but he has done everything to get back to play. He deserves this recognition. Now he can only get better.” - Kuba.

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Dortmund jungs and two Klopps in the show of Circus Halligalli

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Christmas greetings from Kuba & Lukasz [x]

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